Internet Addiction Proven In China

Hello there.

Just lie back on the couch.


I’ll need you to be totally open with me.


Now, can you honestly tell me, do you:

  • Spend 6 hours online a day?
  • Yearn to get back online when you’re off-line?
  • Feel distress (mental or physical) when disconnected from the interweblogosphere?
  • Have trouble concentrating or sleeping?

Did you answer “Yes”?

Good! That means you’re part of this modern world where people are loving the connectivity that the shiny gadgets bring 🙂

Sorry – I meant to say it’s bad!

Well, according to Beijing’s Military General Hospital, you have a treatable illness and you need therapy NOW!

Hang on though – looking at their diagnostic guidelines; they are pretty vague to say the least.

Phwew!!!!  No need for that lovely padded cell just yet………..well, as far as my online addiction presence is concerned anyhoooo 😉

Lifehacker via Tech Radar

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