Intempo Tailgate portable party speaker review

intempo tailgate speaker reviewAs Autumn starts to bring a little chill to the air as well as the glorious colours, it might seem an odd time for me to be chatting about a speaker that’s ideal for gatherings around a BBQ, but the Intempo Tailgate is not just a Bluetooth-enabled sound-slinger. Read on to learn more good gadgety people.

The Tailgate speaker from Intempo is a portable speaker that packs its own rechargeable battery which does make it perfect for garden parties and picnics.

Thanks to its wheels and extendable handle you can pull it along to where ever it’s needed. I did say that it can do more than share your choice of tunes with your friends (and the rest of the neighbourhood) though, didn’t I? Well, this awesome speaker system includes an input/AUX for a microphone, instruments and other audio sources – so it could also be ideal for some busking and/or karaoke.

Intempo Tailgate speaker design

I have been sent the white version of the Tailgate but it also available in black.

The Tailgate measures 28 x 22 x 47cm and is really light, although there are a couple of wheels and a nice extendable handle so you can pull it around effortlessly.

intempo tailgate frontThe front of the Intempo Tailgate curves out slightly and is covered in a metal mesh which protects the speakers and features a little Intempo logo badge.

On the top of the speaker you have all the controls and inputs. These consist of separate volume controls for the main output, the guitar and microphone. The dials are rounded off with an echo control if you want to add some effects.

intempo tailgate speaker sideBelow those you’ll find a 5-band EQ which are individually lit by red LEDs.

In the next panel are slots for a TF card/ SDcard and USB connection. There is a 3.5mm line in port and then inputs for guitar and microphone jacks.

There are then indicators for Bluetooth, recharging and battery level.

Finally, there is a row of five buttons – Mode, Loop, Rewind, Play/Pause and Fast-forward which can be used to control your connected sound source.

intempo tailgate speaker and mic bluetoothAround the rear of the speaker is the DC power input, on/ off switch and connections for bi-wiring – the latter allows you to add another compatible speaker for extra punch.

The overall design is functional but, especially in the white finish, will look at home just as much in the living-room as in the garden and, as it is lightweight, could even be brought with you to a festival, beach, or park.

Intempo Tailgate speaker performance

The Bluetooth function and bundled microphone makes for a brilliant karaoke machine, although it hasn’t got a switch which is capable of improving my vocals. Thankfully I can cover some of my ‘areas of improvement’ by adding echo.

intempo tailgate guitar outsideThe guitar socket is the bit that had me intrigued and plugging in my guitar for some al fresco strumming, thanks to the Tailgate’s internal battery, I was actually pleasantly surprised.

OK, this is not going to challenge practice combos from the likes of Marshall, Fender, Vox or Orange but it is good enough to plug in and play along to a track from your phone hooked-up to the Tailgate via Bluetooth or by using the included 3.5mm line-in cable.

intempo tailgate and bassI even tried it out with my bass, as the tagline for the Tailgate is that “it’s all about the bass” so I thought I really should, and it handled it well enough for me to use it to warm up before heading out for rehearsal.

The built in rechargeable battery lasts for approximately 3 hours when fully charged.

Intempo seems to state that the Tailgate is a 400 W speaker but I think it the output sounds nearer to 40W. According to one source it is actually 15W and that the 400W figure stated will be power consumption.

Anyhooo, the sound is delivered by way of an 8-inch and 3-inch driver that covers the 70HZ ~ 20 KHZ frequency range, according to the info sheets.

There does seem to be some background noise once you ramp the volume up but that’s not discernible once you have some tunes coming through the speakers.

This speaker has been designed for casual use so, even though it is fitted with metal corner protectors, I wouldn’t trust it with a roadcrew or the more enthusiastic end of the hen party spectrum 😉

Intempo Tailgate speaker review conclusion

The Intempo Tailgate is a great, versatile speaker.

You can use the Tailgate to share your excellently put-together playlist across all of the party, no matter where it’s happening. Being on lightweight as well as on wheels, means that you can take the Tailgate wherever it’s needed.

intempo tailgate speaker front detailIt also works as a decent practice combo for vocalists and guitarists alike and, thanks to Bluetooth and Line-in options, you can hear what you’re doing against the recorded track through the same speaker.

As the Tailgate is powered by a rechargeable battery, you can run through your chops in the garden or, if you have the relevant license, even take it busking.

Intempo Tailgate speaker price and availability

The Intempo Tailgate is available now in black or white and has a RRP of £149.99 direct from Intempo but there are a number of sites offering deals such as who has a white one up for £60.