intelliPaper the disposible paper USB drive – add music to your flyers

intellipaper disposable usbI’m always looking out for new distribution methods for SUBSET and I am digging this new idea called intelliPaper which turns an ordinary strip of paper into a fully functioning USB drive.

The design team at intelliPaper has now patented the technology that allows small electronic components to be layered into a regular sheet of paper with USB contact points exposed.

Just rip the strip of paper from the full sheet and make a couple of folds. Once it’s ripped from the full sheet and folded in half, the paper can then be inserted into any USB port to access the files it holds, just like a typical USB drive.

intellipaper paper usbFiles can be added and removed like any other storage device, and the drive can be reused for as long as the paper and contacts remain intact.

I could see bands using this as intelliPaper can be attached to flyers, magazines or in CD inserts for bonus digital tracks and such like. Anyone remember flexidiscs attached to music mags? πŸ˜‰

intelliPaper has set a goal of $30,000 for the funding on Indiegogo.

The intelliPaper kit also comes with a USB reader and programmer. The USB reader can be used to check the data on any of your drives without shredding it to pieces.

A $20 contribution on Indiegogo will get you one of these. If you contribute higher amounts, they will throw USB business cards, greeting cards or even just colored blank cards into the mix.

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