Intel Optane 905P SSDs spotted in stores

intel optane ssdIntel is updating the Optane 900P as the Optane 905P has been spotted listed online. The new range features both an M2 and PCIe model.

Intel’s Optane/XPoint memory is impressive as it offers performance levels which sit somewhere between NAND and DRAM. This means it is able to deliver non-volatile storage with extremely high-performance levels, particularly at low queue depths.

Over the weekend, new Optane-based SSDs have appeared on the US retailer Newegg under the 905P series moniker. It’s not a huge leap to assume that these new models are refined versions of the company’s existing 900P series.

intel optane priceFurthermore, they also seem to have a more gamer-friendly aesthetic. The PCIe card version features LEDs on the edge of the SSD’s cooling solutions. Additionally, the 2.5-inch version has been clothed in a more textured covering.

At this time it is unknown what has changed with Intel’s new 905P series of Optane SSDs, whether they offer higher performance levels, a new controller, enhanced durability or some other hardware improvements.

Not all good news

intel optane ssdsHowever, it does seem that the volume sizes will be different from the current 900p models. The specs for the Optane SSD 905P overall are also slightly different. Firstly, the Idle power consumption has risen from 2 towards 7 Watts. Secondly there is an increase in operating temperature range from 0-75 degrees to 0-85 degrees.

Deeper specs for performance and precise volume sizes, however, are lacking at this time aside for the 960GB and 480GB models.

At this time the main sticking point with Optane is its high pricing when compared to standard NAND memory, making standard SSDs much more viable from a price/GB standpoint.

Until we receive more information, I don’t really see the point at this time. Disagree? Let me know why below.