Intel Core i9 processor slips out

intel-xeon-siliconCould Intel be revving up to release their Core i9 CPU at Computex?

Well, one thing’s for sure, Computex isn’t far off. The annual expo held in Taipei kicks off in a fortnight, on May 30th.

Funnily enough, Intel’s latest CPU that packs no less than 12 cores has just made an appearance. Coincidence?

Intel’s plans leaked on AnandTech’s forum along with some other new processors.

It appears that someone has got a little excited and taken a photo of a PowerPoint presentation in German with the full upcoming lineup.

Intel Core i9

intel core i9 presentationThe top-of-the-range model is loaded with 12 cores and a power consumption of 140W. If you were looking to get the latest and most potent, this is likely going to be on your shopping list.

Make sure that you’ve been saving up though. These top-flight chips don’t go cheap.

The new i9 will most likely cost you around a grand.

Not to worry though. There are other i9 options.  You will also have a choice of 6, 8 or 10 cores.

Planning to run single-threaded tasks? Intel will be able to run those at a higher clock thanks to Turbo Clock 3.0.

Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X rundown

Base Clock/
Turbo (GHz)
  Core i7-7640K (Kaby Lake-X)4/44.0/4.2162 X DDR4-2666112W
  Core i7-7740K (Kaby Lake-X)4/84.3/4.5162 X DDR4-2666112W
  Core i9-7800X (Skylake-X)6/123.5/4.0284 X DDR4-2666140W
  Core i9-7820X (Skylake-X)8/164.3/4.5284 X DDR4-2666140W
  Core i9-7900X (Skylake-X)10/203.3/4.5444 X DDR4-2666140W
  Core i9-7920X (Skylake-X)12/24TBD444 X DDR4-2666140W

Core i9 availability

All these CPUs should be officially announced pretty soon with most of them shipping in June.

The high-end i9 will probably follow some time in August.