Intel Coffee Lake processor specs leaked – i7 8700K beast

Intel Core i5 7600KNew reports on Intel’s ‘Coffee Lake’ CPUs are becoming increasingly frequent. We now have specs for their upcoming 6-core mainstream Central Processing Units.

Today a new report has been posted all over the internet.

It is claimed that the final specification of Intel’s i7 8700K has been leaked.

The shadowy leaker known as “Sweeper” states that this data comes from a reliable source for Intel leaks and provided information that is consistent with other recent Intel leaks. Things such as the CPU’s reported 12MB of L3 Cache, 95W TDP and base clock speed of 3.7GHz.

Wait. What the heck is TDP?

Thermal design power (TDP) or thermal design point is the maximum amount of heat generated by a computer chip that the cooling system in a computer is designed to dissipate in typical operation.

So, the quoted 95W TDP above has nothing to do with what it needs from the power supply. An easy mistake to make as thermal design power is measured in watts.

Manufacturers use TDP as a nominal value for cooling systems to be designed around.

It’s also extremely rare you will ever hit the TDP of a CPU or GPU.

Back to Coffee Lake

intel i7 8700k coffee lakeIf the reported base/boost clock speeds of Intel’s i7 8700K are correct, this CPU will feature a 6-core boost clock of 4.3GHz, a 4-core boost of 4.4GHz a dual core boost of 4.6GHz and a single core boost of 4.7GHz.

This will give this CPU a lot of single-threaded and multi threaded performance. Better than the pure CPU performance of Intel’s recently released Skylake-X i7 7800K. That, by-the-way, has a 3.5GHz base clock and a 4GHz boost clock.

Leaked Intel Coffee Lake specifications

Intel Core i7 8700K6123.7GHz4GHz12MBLGA 115195W
Intel Core i7 87006123.1GHz3.9GHz12MBLGA 115165W
Intel Core i5 8600K663.2GHz3.4GHz12MBLGA 115195W

If these rumoured specifications are correct, Intel will have delivered better single-threaded and multi threaded performance than their existing Kaby-Lake CPU designs while maintaining a similar TDP.

Intel Coffee Lake release date

In an announcement at Computex, Intel said that the 8th Gen Core would be available in both laptops and desktops by the holiday season of this year. So, in theory, we should get official word fairly soon.

Intel Coffee Lake price

With the Ryzen competition Intel can’t price their own six-core parts much more than the i7 and i5 of the 7th Gen. So, expect the same sort of price range as the current chips.

Intel Coffee Lake specs

There will be six-core i7 chips, with 12-threads. There’s also the Core i5 version, without HyperThreading, but with the full six 8th Gen cores inside.

Intel Coffee Lake performance

In terms of gaming, the new six-core CPUs should be excellent. Furthermore, they offer better multi-threaded performance than Ryzen’s 1600X thanks to the clockspeeds.