Instattoo iPhone and iPad App will Automatically Generate Your Next Skin Art

Instattoo tattoo generatorInstattoo can obviously see that tattoos, at the moment, are almost a fashion must-have and no longer the sole styling of rebellious, alternative and counter-culture types – hence this iOS app which will help you create an original bit of skin art.

Being in rock bands and hanging around with bikers and the like, tattoos have always been a part of my culture – as much as going to gigs and drinking booze. Each time I get one I’m already planning my next…

The latest fact that 1.5 Million Britons every year decide to get inked cannot be ignored and Instattoo may be on to a winner with their new iPhone and iPad app.

The app allows you to automatically generate a one-of-a-kind tattoo with just a few taps and swipes, which you can then print out and get transferred to your own body with the aid of a skilled professional – or through someone who says that their friend can do it cheaper.

Naturally, you can share your new arse antler or tribal bicep band design on your favourite social networks.

The app costs ¬£2.99 and was released today. Here’s a video:

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