Instagram 2.0 Released – High Resolution Hipster Snaps

You probably are already aware of the incredibly hip and popular iPhone photo-sharing, filter applying app called Instagram. Well, there’s a great new hi-res version out!

Instagram 2.0 is out now for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (although it isn’t optimised for the tablet) and instead of having to settle for 612 x 612 pics you can now enjoy your fake Polaroid-esque digital snaps in 1936 x 1936 (1536 x 1536 on the iPhone 3GS). That’s three-times better!

Thanks to some background tweaking and a brand-new engine everything is quicker and easier.

They couldn’t release a new version of Instagram, no matter how slick and improved, without dishing out some new filters so that you can age, vintage-ise your snaps now could they?

Thankfully you can get your hipster shots off with the new Amaro, Rise, Hudson and Valencia filters 🙂

Grab Instagram v2.0 for free from here.

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