Insomnia i59 kitted out with AOC Agon monitors

AOC Agon AG271QXInsomia i59 esports festival runs from 9-11 December 2016 this year. AOC will supply their premium line of Agon gaming monitors to be used exclusively in the live stream studios and at the Grand Finals.

Multiplay’s UK Masters Season 2 is Britain’s most prestigious esports tournament. As such, online qualifiers and offline finals at Insomnia i59 will all be broadcasted.

AOC will provide their premium line of AGON gaming monitors to the tournament. These will be used exclusively in the live stream studios and at the Grand Finals. I have been extremely impressed by the Agon screens, although I am yet to review one at home yet. ~hint hint AOC 😉 ~

AOC Agon at Insomnia i59

With more than 200 hours of live stream content, UK esports lovers will experience high quality entertainment over a period of more than two months.

AOC Agon line upAOC hopes to unleash the skills of every player in perfect detail on a responsive screen. This goes for the professionals as well as esports padawans.

The 24-inch AG241QG displays boast a 1 ms response time, 165 Hz frequency, and Shadow Control. All this will enable professional players to compete at the top of their game at the UK’s biggest esports tournament.

In the leafy lanes of League of Legends and the cobbled streets of CS:GO; AGON displays keep up with the fastest reflexes and most intense team fights.

The huge Birmingham event will see over 60,000 gamers. I am sure plenty will fall in love with the Agon monitors.