INQ Cloud Touch Facebook Phone Official UK Release Date

The UK will be getting the INQ Cloud Touch Facebook phone in a matter of weeks!

INQ has officially confirmed that its social-centric handset will be a UK exclusive to Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy.

The Cloud Touch will be available as a SIM free phone, on a pay monthly contract or as a pay as you go option.

The new INQ Cloud Touch, as you probably recall, is a 3.5-inch 480x320p touchscreen mobile that has its heart firmly rooted in the online social community created by Mark Zuckerberg.

The Cloud Touch runs on Google Android 2.2 FroYo and its user interface brings all you need to check up on what your friends are doing. The mobile phones home page features all the expected Facebook icons which will enable you to change your status, view notifications, send private messages and tag events as Attending/Might Attend/Not Attending – all without having to grab Androids Facebook app.  Better still, if Viviane Reding gets her way you’ll be able to sling up as many embarrassing pics as you dare safe in the knowledge that your boss wont get to see them 😉

The INQ Cloud Touch will hit you up for £299.95 SIM free or grab it for free from either Carphone Warehouse or Best Buy on a £20 per month contract or for a one off fee of £199.95 on PAYG from April 6th.

Check out the full spec here and the Freemedianow hands-on video below 🙂

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