INQ 3G Socially Active Phone Now Available in UK – Loves iTunes

INQ 3G ChatThe INQ Chat 3G handset, remember – the ‘BlackBerry for the Facebook generation’?

Well it’s now on sale for the stocking-filler price of £100.

The social butterfly’s blower looks like it shares parentage with some of RIM’s most loved offers up widgets for Twitter and Facebook right there on the homescreen.

There’s great news for those that get their grooves from iTunes as the Chat 3G is the first handset (that isn’t an Apple iPhone) that can actually play those AAC files downloaded from Apple’s music portal.

The DoubleTwist app was developed by 25-year-old Norwegian Jon Lech Johansen and if the INQ and Mr J get away with this without attracting unwanted attention from Apple then I reckon there may be a few other handsets offering similar apps.

The INQ Chat 3G can be grabbed for £100 on PAYG or from £15-a-month from 3 Mobile – with that you get the unlimited free Skype-to-Skype calls and MSN Messenger so that you keep all your buddies up-to-date with everything you’re doing.

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