Infinity Ward flashes signature Xi3 Steam Box

Infinity Ward Xi3 steam boxInfinity Ward is best known for developing the hugely popular Call of Duty series – but they have also revealed images of a Infinity Ward Xi3 mini PC – aka a Steam Box.

The teaser images of the Infinity Ward Xi3 mini PC appeared with it sat upon an additional hard-drive and was shared over the Infinity Ward social media sits with the question “What’s this?” on Twitter and “Game development.” on Facebook.

No clues as to what the spec of these IW Xi3s are but the statements could mean a number of things, and possibly that Infinity Ward has partnered with Valve or Xi3 or both to develop and release games.

Only time will tell what the cryptic messages and photos mean but, as soon as anything more comes through about the Infinity Ward Xi3 mini PC system or any potential partnerships, I’ll let you know.

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