Industrial style LED clamp on adjustable desk lamp review

INDUSTRIAL STYLE LED CLAMP ON ADJUSTABLE DESK LAMP IN BLACKI still am digging the MiniSun light that I reviewed a while ago but, as my girlfriend works a lot from written documents, she was in need of something more specialised to that task. I’ve always loved the industrial vibe and so have chosen a clamp-on desklight for this review.

This LED lamp has those classic looks seen many times on the desks of draughtsmen, graphic artists, designers, and other precision jobs where great lighting is a prerequisite.

Those lamps go for a pretty penny but this one from Value Lights is less than £25 – have they cut too many corners though?

Clamp on desk lamp design

As I’ve already mentioned, this lamp has the classic outline of the industrial work lamp – it’s tall, minimalist, almost brutalist in its functional design.

The one have is in a brushed silver finish with black lamp head.

The main place that money has been saved is that the lamp’s struts are made of plastic rather than metal. It makes the lamp lighter but obviously helps cut construction costs.

It doesn’t feel flimsy at all though and, let’s face it, chances are this light is going to remain static clamped to your desk, rather than feature in an industrial workshop.

lamp body detailsThe spine of the lamp is fitted with a couple of springs, as these generally are, and the lamp is pre-fitted with a bulb for your convenience.

I think it looks pretty smart to be honest.

This practical everyday use reading spotlight lamp can simply be clamped onto desks, tables, shelves, work surfaces, computers, bedside tables and much more for easy use. Ideal for reading, writing, crafts, hobbies, handy work and much more. Mains powered – simply move to your preferred spot and plug in! 1 x 6w LED bulb supplied.

Clamp on desk lamp performance

This mains-powered lamp is fitted with a 6w LED bulb so it takes very little juice to light your work.

It is bright enough to illuminate documents or hobby areas even when the rest of the room is brightly lit.

lamp detailThanks to its adjustable body you can bring the light down to where it needs to be if you are focusing on one area or, you can raise its head up to shine light on a larger area.

The lamp stands at 740mm high but is only 45mm wide so will not get in the way of what you are wanting to do. Although it can reach across to 300mm.

There are thumb-lockable joints, one at the head and one half-way down its body, which can be loosed and then locked in to position.

As the lamp doesn’t need anything to stand on it could even be used on a bookshelf or a worktop.

Clamp on desk lamp conclusion

The clamp on desk lamp from Value Lights looks the business and manages to fulfill all that is required of a task lamp.

silver industrial clamp on task lightIt’s highly adjustable and takes up hardly any room. The clamp doesn’t mark the desk surface and remains in place even when adjusting the lamp.

The camp on desk lamp is available with a black lamp or a silver one and costs an extremely good value of £24.99