Indulgence coming to London in October

indulgence show londonA new high-end audio and lifestyle show promises to bring pure Indulgence to the capital.

As a fan of the headroom show, as well as Hi-Fi shows such as Sound & Vision, et al, this is great news for the likes of me who live in London.

Let’s face it, being based in London you get a bit lazy and expect everything on your doorstep but the one thing that has been missing recently is a decent Hi-Fi show. Well, someone has certainly done their homework as they will be launching a new lifestyle show which will take place between 13-16 October at the Novotel Conference Centre in Hammersmith.

The Indulgence Show features three distinct areas – ‘Audio London’, ‘headroom’ and ‘Pure Pleasure’ – and promises to provide an opportunity for audio, home entertainment and portable audio brands and those “with [a] high disposable income” to come together in one place. That’s not to say that those of us who aspire to own such audio exotica or who are prepared to save up for those £10,000 speakers won’t be equally welcome, of course.

Audio London at Indulgence

Indulgence audio london logoThis area, as you would expect will present a wide range of hi-fi, audio and home entertainment solutions. We will be bringing you more details of who will be showing and, chances are, there will be plenty of new product launches to whet the appetite too.

headroom at Indulgence

Indulgence headroom logoFollowing on from its successful shows at Metropolis Studios in Chiswick, headroom will no doubt be showcasing the largest range of headphones and portable audio in the UK.

Pure Pleasure at Indulgence

Indulgence pure pleasure logoHere is where to go if you want to indulge your passions for high quality luxury goods such as watches, cars, motorised and recreational vehicles, wines, spirits, craft beer, hand-made chocolates and more.

Hopes for Indulgence

The organisers are expecting to attract Hi-Fi enthusiasts from far afield as well as consumers with a high household income who live in and around London and neighbouring counties, who are expected to travel up to two hours to visit the show.

Vernon Hamblin, headroom organiser, says:

We have consistently heard from our industry over recent years that it wanted a hifi show for London and The Home Counties. When the inaugural ‘headroom’ show was introduced two years ago, it was always the grand plan to expand it into a full audio show for London, and the time is now right to take the next step. This new event will allow us, as an industry, to reach out to hifi enthusiasts with ‘Audio London’, expand the ‘headroom’ event beyond its initial unparalleled success, and encompass a lifestyle section, ‘Pure Pleasure’, that will appeal to a wider affluent audience.”

Phil Wannell, headroom organiser, adds,

We know that there is a growing target audience that are happy to indulge themselves with higher quality headphones and portable audio. We want to show them that there is a progression to high quality home hi-fi and that it can be just as much of an indulgence, bringing the same amount of pleasure as their portable audio systems and enhancing their wellbeing further. We want to introduce consumers to brands and products that they may currently be unaware of, while exposing them to other complementary sectors that will excite all their emotions and allow them to enjoy a weekend spoiling themselves.”

Needless to say that we will be covering Indulgence here and over at our partner publication Hifi Pig.

In the meantime, we hope to get some insight direct from the organisers of what to expect at the show and if everything there will be wallet-worryingly, and purse-punishingly expensive. So, stay tuned for more about this exciting new show.