In the Zone

Do you have the unenviable task of driving through London’s busy streets?  Not only do you have to watch out for pedestrians and cyclists that have deathwishes, couriers that ride as if they’re indestructable, you have to keep an eye on the Congestion Zone!  Fortunately, I’m too paranoid to get caught out by this; but there are others that have not realised that they’ve strayed into the payment zone and have been stung.Â

Meet “The KenBuster”

This mobile phone sized gadget is packed with the latest GPS technologies that sense when your vehicle enters the congestion charging zone and then triggers a payment (if required) to TfL; all you have to do is shove it in your cars fag lighter (because soon we wont be allowed to smoke in our own cars).

The clever little box knows if it’s the right time and/or day to make a Congestion Charge payment. You’ll get a receipt by SMS and e-mail to confirm your payment.

You can also log into the KenBuster website and view your transactions on a secure part of the site. It will show you the date and time you entered the zone, how much payment was for, and receipt for each transaction.

Pay Monthly£99.99 £49.99 for the unit, and £8 a month (12 month contract)

LifeTime product: Buy the unit for £399.99 £199.99 and use it forever.  No monthly fees.

They even promise to upgrade your KenBuster if ever it gets “a little tired”.