In Car Chrysler Wi-Fi Hotspot

Not to be out done by the Korean in-car web browser Chrysler have decifef that we need a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot right in our ride!

According to, Chrysler’s parts division will begin selling “a Mopar car cellular/Wi-Fi hot spot, expected to be the first of many Internet offerings from the car companies” starting August 25th.

It can be fitted into any 2009 Chrysler vehicle and retro-fitted to a choice few earlier-year models.

Customers will be able to order new cars with the device installed or bring compatible cars into Chrysler dealerships to have it fitted.

The router will cost $499 and will grab EVDO and WiMAX signals.

The monthly tariff will be a reasonable $29 but the device itself costs $500 and you’ll have to part with another $35 to $50 for installation. It will then cost $35 to activate it.

I’m just hoping those people that insist on taking calls and text whilst driving wont start to play Quake in the car!