In a game of rock, sapphire screen, scissors the rumored iPhone 6 screen wins – video

iphone 6 sapphire glassThere has been much chat about the upcoming iPhone 6 and that it will be sporting a virtually indestructible screen – but just how strong is sapphire glass?

Thankfully, Japanese electronics manufacturer, Kyocera, has released a video that shows how strong its sapphire glass screens really are. Spoiler – it smashes rock!

The sapphire glass cover is included in a test against a standard screen and when dropped on a small rock the standard screen cracks up like a premiership footballer.

When the sapphire glass screen gets tested, not only stays mark-free but it actually breaks up the rock into pieces. It also means it’s virtually impossible to scratch, even with sharp metal.

Sapphire glass is rated as three times stronger than current Gorilla Glass. That’s because sapphire is the second strongest thing on the planet after diamonds.

If the iPhone 6 does come equipped with such as screen then the days of seeing cracked iPhones everywhere may be coming to an end.

How that will affect the price of it and other phones with this super screen isn’t yet clear, especially when you consider all of those sensors being added too.

[youtube id=”NskzEdF9PV0″]