iMuffs Bought by Apple – Stereo Bluetooth Headsets on Their Way

It sounds like Apple has bought itself Wi-Gear, the company behind the iMuffs – a line of Bluetooth headphones designed for the iPod and iPhone.

Apparently the plan is to use the work already been done by the company in order to develop Apple stereo Bluetooth headphones for all your iNeeds.

When iMuffs first started doing the circuit the look of them was very Apple – a few reviewers did state that the finish wasn’t exactly to Jobs-level but were very much in keeping with the whole design of the iPods and iPhone.

Obviously, back then, the iPhone didn’t support A2DP audio streaming, so iMuffs needed an added Bluetooth dongle. That’s all history now as A2DP support is now baked-in to the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Are ready to wear Steve’s muff on your head?

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