IMS valve Desktop Amplifier hits Kickstarter

ims desktop amp valvesGadgetyNews has just been contacted by IMS Electronics. The New Zealand-based manufacturer of audio products has just released their ‘Desktop Valve Amplifier’.

IMS are definitely keep tabs on the latest trends in home Hi-Fi.

More music fans are looking for a desktop solution for the office when away from their main rig.

The new IMS Desktop Amplifier is a compact hybrid valve amp.


The 120mm x 1470mm x 25mm amp is carved from a 1-inch thick block of aluminium.

Along with the 2oz copper circuit board, low ESR capacitors the amp utilises Raytheon 6418 Valves. Naturally, the Desktop Amp packs a phono stage – marked Vinyl.

ims desktop amp controlsBringing up the modern side is Saviaudio’s SA9227 and Texas Instruments PCM5102A working together for the DAC (32bit/384kHz).

Combined with those military spec Raytheon valves and award winning Burr Brown series OPA2134 amplifier chip, this promises extremely high quality audio with extremely low noise and distortion.

Two headphone stages each have their own volume control so that two people can listen at the same time.

A power stage provides 100 Watt speaker output and there is also a line ouput for active monitor speakers.

Designer Martin Young says

Our design brief is simple: Build a stunning looking amplifier that shows off the electronics like a show piece. Make it extremely high quality and make it sound good.”

Price and availability

If this sounds like something you need, then bounce on over to the IMS Desktop Amplifier Kickstarter page.

A pledge of $599 NZ (£345) will secure one to be delivered around June 2017.