iMovie and GarageBand get iPad Treatment

Joining the iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 announcements were a pair of Apple home-brewed iPad apps – iMovie and GarageBand.

iMovie slinks across from the iPhone and has gained additional video and audio editing tools, new sharing options and a heavily enhanced audio element.

Apple has ensured that the app “takes advantage of the iPad 2 and its extra horsepower.”

As you can imagine, splicing video together looks far more manageable and intuitive on a 9.7-inch screen and I’m digging the old skool movie theatre vibe that the homescreen has been given. iMovie for iPad will cost $4.99 or the GBP equivalent 😉

Next up is GarageBand for iPad 2. The popular music-making program appears to have been lovingly adapted for the Apple tablet and comes with stacks of virtual keyboards that can essentially place a grand piano or Classic Rock Organ on your lap.

There’s plenty many sampled instruments on their and, in particular, I have to applaud the ingenious use of the iPad 2′s accelerometer to judge how hard you’re pressing the keys – this brings in the extra dimension of dynamics to your tune making.

“We want these to be fun for people have no idea how to play instruments. Thats why we have ‘Smart Instruments’. Smart drums, smart guitar, etc. here’s an acoustic guitar.. but one that everyone can play”

GarageBand for iPad 2 also includes 8-track recording, more than 250 loops and a whole host of guitar amps and effects. There’s also a virtual drum kit, viewed from a drummer’s perspective.

GarageBand will also cost $4.99.

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