iLuminate Lights the Way for Michael Jackson Tribute

If you happen to have seen Chris Brown’s weepy tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET Awards last Sunday you may have noticed some dancers glowing away during ‘Smooth Criminal’ like they’ve overdosed on Ready Brek.

Their enlightened performance was thanks to some state-of-the-art wearable lighting by iLuminate.

iLuminate can illuminate in up to 8 different colours and was designed by New York choreographer and software engineer Miral Kotb in 2009.

Miral studied dance as well as earning a bachelor’s in computer science from Columbia University. After she graduated, she wrote financial software by day and expanded her dance company during the nights and weekends.

Since the explosion of iPhone Apps she saw the potential for accessible technology that could vault iLuminate to the next level. In iPhone apps, art enhanced technology and technology amplified art.

iLuminate stands as the first patented technology that helps lighting designers and choreographers work together to wirelessly control free-moving lights at the touch of a button.

The designs can be arranged ‘on-the-fly’ or pre-programmed depending on the situation.

Check out the dancers in the vid below:

iLuminate at the 2010 BET Awards – Chris Brown’s MJ Tribute from iLuminate on Vimeo.

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