IKEA Uppleva Smart TV Premiers in Italy – Video Shows Interface and Remote

ikea uppleva remote controlIKEA is getting ready to launch its Uppleva range of TV/furniture hybrids across Europe and has just posted a video showing how the public reacted during their Italian show-and-tell last month.

IKEA’s Uppleva smart televisions will range from 24 to 46-inches, and feature an integrated Blu-ray player and separate wireless subwoofer.

The video features designer Francis Cayouette talking about the inspiration for the idea and the advantages of the integrated concept, which he believes will help make IKEA’s products more attractive next to traditionally-styled TVs.

You also get to see the minimal interface which is in keeping with the IKEA design as does the similarly simple remote that features a slide-out design to access less commonly used buttons.

IKEA has already secured a number of big-name partners, including YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

As well as those important streaming portals the apps will enable music playback, gaming, VOD, and “catch-up” video playback. The TVs will also arrive with the Opera for TV web browser built-in.

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