Ikea TRÅDFRI smart bulbs now link with Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, Hue

ikea TRÅDFRI tradfri UKIkea launched its TRÅDFRI smart bulbs and hub earlier this year. They also promised that they would play nice with Smart Home kit from Amazon, Apple and Google. It seems that you can trust a Swede.

Good to their word, the flat-pack fanatics have update the bulbs’ online listing on the US site.

They are telling American DIYers to download the most recent version of their app to use the various home assistants:

Make sure that you have the latest upgrade of TRÅDFRI gateway to be able to connect it with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Home,”

Oddly, no such thing has yet appeared on the UK site.

ikea TRÅDFRI software lights updateWhat is more surprising is that word is that Philips Hue integration is possible.

The Philips bridge hub will spot your Ikea bulbs in the Philips app. Now, this particular skill isn’t mentioned by Ikea so feel free to experiment and let me know.

The future certainly looks bright for Ikea. All it needs to do now is release some coloured bulbs.

Once it has done that theirs should be the cheapest smart lighting system available. Furthermore, it will be achieved without compromising on system integration. Beautiful. Or should I say vacker?

Price and availability

The Ikea TRÅDFRI smart lighting range starts at £9 for a bulb.

The gateway kit is £65 (two bulbs, a remote and Gateway).

More information can be found on the Ikea site.