How to: IFTTT recipes for Musaic players

my musaic ifttt recipesAs you may have read in my review of the MP5 and MP10 music players from Musaic, I came to a sticking point with this rather nifty networked audio machines. I couldn’t figure out how to get the If This Then That (IFTTT) recipes to work.

Integration with IFTTT was announced by Musaic in May this year. What it promised to do was use items of your smart home tech to trigger actions, such as playing a radio station and dim the lights.

In my first pass at trying these neat tricks out, things didn’t go according to plan. This was due to me missing a ‘hidden’ step.

After a quick chat with them in the know, I can now happily reveal that I have this wonderful functionality working.

It is ace! Thank goodness.

The missing link

As is usually the case with anything gadgety that doesn’t seem to work, there was just that one step that I hadn’t realised that needed doing.

It got me because I had signed up to Musaic and registered the devices but, yet, I hadn’t linked the players up with my account.

musiac player settingsTo do this you need to head over to your Musaic app and enter the settings menu (the three squares in the uppermost right hand corner).

You will recognise this as the place where you connect to your player. Tapping the cog will open up another menu. Give it a tap.

This is a rather long menu so scroll to the very bottom.

Link Musaic player to accountRight at the bottom, after the Reboot player and firmware updates and just underneath the Debug logs is the important bit: Link player to account.

You can see why and how I missed this can’t you?

Once you’ve tapped the Link player to account option, you will be shown your player(s) listed. Select and add. There is also an option for you to ‘add all players’ which is handy should have more than just the one.

Musaic IFTTT recipes

Now that you have your players linked to your Musaic account, you can get your IFTTT on.

Making your own custom recipes is really easy but, for speed, I have used some from the Musaic IFTTT cookbook.

Arlo and Musaic

The first one I wanted to test was the one which utilised my Arlo camera.

muisaic arlo ifttt recipeI set the camera to trigger Musaic to shout a warning should it detect motion. I have already set the camera with a geofenced area so I won’t get the MP10 in the living room shouting at the birds, foxes or the neighbour’s cat.

As you can see, the Musaic players are now listed where before I couldn’t get past that step. Naturally, you can set this for all your players to say something in unison.

Musaic turns on the radio when I get home

One of the first things I do when I get home is to put some music on. The thing is, I’ve usually got my hands full. I am either carrying tech that has been delivered to the office or I have had to grab some groceries on the way home. This delays me from getting my tunes on.

This recipe will actually trigger the Musaic players to start playing a preset radio station as soon as I get in the area.

musaic geofenceOf course, you can narrow the area down to closer to your home. This is achieved by using the plus and minus buttons.

I have set the MP10 to tune in to the station I have assigned to Preset 2. Total Rock, if you need to know.

Musaic IFTTT recipes results

It’s really easy to get on a roll with these recipes. I even added a time reminder to give me a nudge on an evening to get upstairs and start writing.

I am very happy to announce that all of these recipes worked as expected. Yes, the screen shot below was taken before I ran any of the recipes. I was just happy that I could complete them at that point.

my musaic ifttt recipesIFTTT is really intuitive and, once you have your Musaic players linked to your account, much fun can be had.

Remember, just make sure you have your players and your Musaic account linked.