iFrogz Impulse Duo Bluetooth earphones review

iFrogz Impulse Duo Bluetooth earphones


Build quality




Ease of use





  • Look and feel good
  • Comfortable
  • Decent sound
  • Good battery life
  • Great price


  • Can't really think of one at this price

impulse duoBack in June we brought news of some new Bluetooth earphones from a company we’ve not come across before, iFrogz. So, we asked if we could take their fresh Impulse Duo earbuds for a spin.

iFrogz is nothing to do with amphibious Apple products. This is a company who have made their name by producing inexpensive but good performing audio kit.

When I say inexpensive, the Impulse Duo is near the upper end of their range and yet still below £45. Now you can see why I just had to test these for myself.

iFrogz Impulse Duo design

The Impulse Duo features dual 6mm drivers. This seems to have dictated their appearance, as well as their name.

I quite like how these earphones look.

They might not come bundled with a carry pouch or case, but you do get 3 sizes of tips.

ifrogz impulse duoThe earphones are built around the company’s signature wireless hub. This features a magnetic clasp and houses the battery, microphone, and the controls.

ifrogz impulse duo cable managementThe clip serves a dual purpose too. Not only does it allow you to attach the remote to your shirt but you can use it for cable management when they’re not in use.

I do like the unusual mix of materials and textures that have gone in to their design.

iFrogz Impulse Duo performance

The ear pieces do look unusal but they are actually pretty comfortable to wear, despite their odd shape. Even the little nobble on the side didn’t cause me any distress.

These haven’t been touted as being sports earphones but they are IPX-2 sweat-resistant. This means, if you feel so inclined, you can use them at the gym or when jogging.

Control unit

This slightly rectangular unit houses the battery, Bluetooth system, microphone for call handling as well as a trio of control buttons.

The two volume buttons double as track forward and back controls. The centre button activates the play/pause, call answer, power on/off and paring functions depending on how long you hold it for and what it’s doing at the time. Simple, yet effective.

ifrogz impulse duo BluetoothI like how the buttons are quite big. There’s nothing worse than fiddly controls that force you to look at them when you’re walking about. They also need a decent amount of pressure to push them. For me this is a plus point in so much as accidental activation shoudn’t be an issue.

The earphones are attached to the remote. This means that the magnetic clip has to be good, else the unit will yank the buds from your lugs. Thankfully, the magnet is plenty strong enough to remain attached through shirts and the like. However, I have not tested it through quality knitwear.

If you’re not wearing a top with buttons, such as a shirt, then the clip will have to slip over the neck hem of your t-shirt or, perhaps, the strap of your dress. At least this kind of clip won’t pucker up the material of your top.

Sound quality

Whilst look and comfort are important aspects, it’s the sound from the iFrogz that’s the greatest surprise for me.

At this price point I reckon I can be excused for my expectations of uninspiring audio. However, I need not to have worried.

Thanks to the selection of tips, getting a good fit with decent isolation should be easy for all.

ifrogz impulse duo earphones and controlsThe sound produced overall is well balanced, has a reasonable amount of bass and is pretty smooth in the treble and midrange.

Granted, don’t dive in expecting a huge dynamic range but, for the price, they are an enjoyable listen.

The bass can be a bit uncontrolled if you have a penchent for already bass-heavy tracks.

The fuzzy tones of Mudhoney did get a lot messier before these bedded in. Even now though, the mids and highs are overwhelmed by the low end.

Saying that, more intricately mastered tracks from the likes of Boris Blank, Trent Reznor, or Fleetwood Mac for that matter, all came through more evenly handled. Yes, the bass is still forwards, but it doesn’t muddy the sonic waters as much.

Partaking in some lunchtime video viewing I almost didn’t realise that there was no perceivable lag. Now, I have had this issue with some other inexpensive Bluetooth head/earphones, but the iFrogz are remarkable for their lack of lag. Everything was in sync. Again, because I generally wear cabled cans I am just used to plugging in and not thinking about it.

Battery life

The bumpf states 10 hours of battery life. This seems about right to me. It got me part-way through the week of an hour in the morning, another hour at lunch and then an hour in the evening. So, I’d reckon that I got the low battery warnings at 9-ish hours.

iFrogz Impulse Duo earphones review conclusion

What’s not to like at this price?

They are lightweight and comfortable, have a good battery life and decent sound. iFrogz have shown that you can still get good Bluetooth earphones below the £45 mark.

iFrogz Impulse Duo price and availability

You can treat yourself, or your friends and family, with a set of Impulse Duos now for the bargain price of £44.99 direct from Zagg. You can also grab them from Amazon.

They’re even covered by the iFrogz Earbud Tips for Life: If your earbud tips become worn or damaged, IFROGZ will replace them.