If This is the iPhone 5 – I So Would!

iphone 5 design conceptThere has been much speculation about the upcoming iPhone 5 and, if it turned out to look like this, then I would be queueing up for one for sure.

OK, let me start off with a little notice here – This is not the iPhone 5. It could be. But it isn’t.

There have been rumours that the iPhone 5 would be sporting a teardrop or wedge design but recent photos say it wont.

Honestly, I think this looks great. Some of you may poo-poo the design as it would be impractical for an iPhone to have a rounded back but how soon you forget the iPhone 3 and 3G. I loved the way that phone felt in my hand.

It has the edge-to-edge screen design that Samsung may get out first too!

I also dig the idea that the Apple logo would light up – powered by fairydust and unicorn tears no doubt.

Still cool though.

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