IdolCam – the ultimate vlogging camera?

idolcam vloggingLooking for a way of making vlogging easier? How about an actioncam that comes with its own gimbal and flip-out touchscreen? IdolCam could well be what you need.

Even with YouTube nobbling those without a huge following, vlogging (video blogging) is still increasing in popularity. Additionally, social video clips on Twitter, Facebook, et al are also a great way of communicating with your followers.

The thing is, you need quite a bit of kit in order to make a professional-looking clip. Shaky-cam may work in some Hollywood flicks but, ironically, the YouTube crowd expects more slickly captured video. By the time you’re loaded up with gimbals, cameras, lenses and perhaps a selfie-stick, going compact seems to be just a memory.


idolcamIdolCam boasts that it’s the world’s first pocket-sized camera to harness the state-of-the-art 3 axis gimbal from drones, inter-changeable lenses from DSLR, and beauty lighting from fashion photography. Add in to all of that the compactness and ease of use from action cameras. Furthermore, it throws in a 180 degree flip-able touchscreen.

Could this well be the ultimate, do anything, go anywhere 4K video camera?


IdolCam 180 flip screenThe IdolCam shoots at a maximum resolution of 4K/30fps. It also features an integrated 3-axis motorised gimbal to help smooth out the shakes. You can even add an optional spring-loaded suspension arm.

You can check your shot or review footage using the camera’s 180-degree flip-up touchscreen. For full flexibilty, there is, of course, an iOS/Android app that allows you to pan, tilt and otherwise remotely-control the camera via Wi-Fi. This connection is good for a distance of up to 100 ft (30 m). As well as controlling the camera , you can also shoot time-lapse footage and monitor footage.

As previously mentioned, you can swap between multiple magnetically-attaching M12-format lenses. Furthermore, there’s also two optional magnetic lighting attachments – one is a light ring for soft overall lighting, while the other is a spotlight.

Also, there’s a threaded hole in the bottom so you can mount the IdolCam on a selfie stick or tripod. It also allows for fitting on drones and anything else you fancy. Finally, a 3.5-mm audio input for hooking up an external mic rounds things off.

Price and availability

The IdolCam Kickstarter campaign is live now.

The Super Early Bird price of the camera is US$350.

With over 90 units in the first 18 hours and the campaign already at 75%, I reckon that they’re going to get full backing. That should mean delivery in October.