iCooly – iMac Stand For Your iPod Touch

iCoolyYou have an iMac and love its looks; how the screen sits atop the sculpted stand and would just adore it if your iPod Touch had something similar……

Well, hello there iCooly from Rockridgesound – you have answered our stand requesting prayers!

It’s perfect for those Mac fanboys and girls out there - it’s even got the drive slot on the right hand side.  Cool – or should that be “i-Cool-y”?

It’s a slick looking idea and it holds up the iPod so you’re able to watch your flicks nice and comfy like.

It even has tilt and rotate functions!  You can still connect up the dock connector and headphones whilst it’s in the mount.

Run along now and buy one for around £25 (4,980 Yen).