ICEphone – Micro Notebook / Mobile Phone Combo

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking “what the heck is that!?!”

Well, it’s the iCEphone of course.

The In Case of Emergency Phone is aiming to be the “Swiss Army knife of mobiles”  and dubbed as a micro-notebook by its manufacturer.

Well, it’s no surprise that things have gone this far as everyone is cramming more and more into their mobile blowers.

I saw the Asus R50a a few days ago and thought that was nifty – so what’s this got then?

For starters the iCEphone has software that can not only walk you through common medical emergencies like administering CPR, but it can one-touch dial your doctor, the nearest hospital and 911 at the same time.

The makers, Medical Phone, decided that the only way to get everything into a handset just larger than an N95 was to use a Jacobs Ladder-style hinge.

This funky hinge connects the 3 panels that feature a full QWERTY keyboard, a 3-inch 400 x 240 resolution touchscreen and a mouse / track pad.

Other goodies are dual SIM card slots, HSDPA support, quad-band GSM connectivity, GPS, a 3.1megapixel camera, WiFi and a 532MHz Freescale iMX31 CPU.

It’s almost out in Thailand and then should be hitting the UK sometime in Spring when it will cost around £700

If you want to see more………… feast your eyes on the vid below 🙂

Icephone site via UnwiredView