Ice Cream Sandwich / Samsung Galaxy Nexus Event Tomorrow Morning – Set Your Alarms!

Not long now! Last week the “Calling All First-to-knowers” invite was received notifying all those eager for news regarding the Ice Cream Sandwich rescheduled launch that the new date is October 19th – Tomorrow!

The event, originally planned for October 11th was pulled after news of iSteve’s passing hit the news.

Not only with the event be the official unveiling of Google’s latest incarnation of Android — Ice Cream Sandwich — there is also news that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will make an appearance.

The Galaxy Nexus (you may know it as the Nexus Prime) is rumoured to be packing a hugemassive 4.6-inch AMOLED screen with a 720p resolution at 320dpi! Why the double launch? Well, the Galaxy Nexus will be the first handset to run Ice Cream Sandwich. Now you see? 😉

Even though we’ve seen peeks of Ice Cream Sandwich such as these screenshots as well as a hands-on video of the Galaxy Nexus being squirted over the interwebs!  There was also leaked news of the Samsung Galaxy S III.

The newly placed event is scheduled for Wednesday October 19th and will start at 10am.

That’s 10am in Hong Kong – folks! For us in the UK we’re looking at 3am.

So, get your supplies in and settle down to watch the live announcement on

Will you be enjoying an early/late show?

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