iBooks 2 Reveals iPad 3 High Resolution Retina Display

Apple iPad 3 Retina DisplayIt certainly looks like iPad 3 will be packing a very high resolution screen. More proof has been spotted thanks to the arrival of the iBooks 2 app.

As cool as iBooks 2 is, with its interactive textbooks, the more interesting tidbits are to be had when rifling through the iBooks 2 code.

The tell-tale ‘2x’ tag points to the pictures being designed to look sexy on a hi-res screen.

To prove it further the ‘2x’ version of the images are indeed set at a higher resolution.

Could there be another reason for the 2x images being squirreled away? Well, short of the next gen iPad possessing a connection to a high definition television, such as the iTV, I reckon it’s looking good.

This is not the first hint of the new Apple tablet featuring a spanky eye-pleaser.

There has already been confirmation from a group of people close to the production of the tablet as well as other bits ‘n’ pieces.

Personally, a Retina display is much needed as the iPad’s smaller kin iPhone 4, 4S and even the latest iPod touch are all swaggering around with one. Poor ol’ iPad 2 is still lumbered with a 1024×768-pixel screen – it’s good but could try harder 😉

There’s other good things heading towards the iPad 3.

Well, just a few weeks to wait for the iPad 3 announcement.

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