Hyundai MB-910 Wrist Phone UK Bound

hyundai-mb-910-phone-watchThe Hyundai MB-910 is the latest watchphone to be allowed to come over the the UK.

It looks ideal for those that fancy the LG GD910 but:

  • Can’t afford it
  • Don’t fancy someone holding you at knife-point to steal the funky gadget

The Hyundai MB-910 is cheaper and, let’s be honest, not as sexy looking.

The watch face looks pretty cheap and something that you might find in a bargain shop.

The phone bit scores a bit higher as it can take care of tri-band calling, SMS and email.

It will play MP3 and even allow you to watch 3GPP and MPEG4 videos albeit on its 132 x 176 pixel display.

You select various things via the TFT touchscreen but sausage-fingered folk may need a pointy object methinks!

If you don’t really care about ruining your eyes you can even WAP browse!

You can hook up a Bluetooth headset to avoid looking silly by listening to your wristwatch when making a call.

The Hyundai MB-910 can give around 70 hours of standby and 3 hours talk time which should be ample

It will hit these shores in Summer and will cost £200 sim free.

I wonder if all wristphones have to have 910 in their names………………….