HyperX Cloud Core gaming headset review

HyperX Cloud Core gaming headset


Build quality




Ease of use


Sound quality


Value for money



  • Quality materials
  • Sound quality is great
  • Detachable mic
  • Well made
  • Looks like a gaming headset


  • Got hot ears
  • Looks like a gaming headset

cloud-coreWe have been sent the HyperX Cloud Core gaming headset to review by our lovely sponsors over at GearBest. This was handed over to the latest member of the GadgetyNews team, Darren. Take it away!

A quick intro

Firstly, I feel I have to set the scene regarding me and my gaming pedigree. I’m a middle aged, married new father who works full time meaning the amount of time I have to play games is limited. More importantly, the amount of spare cash I have to spend on games and peripherals is next to nothing.

Gaming headsets are important to me, not for their primary purpose of communication and immersion, but to allow me to play and not disturb the little one! These last two factors mean that, when looking for headsets, I look for something entry level that has good audio quality and is comfortable, when I get a chance to game it can be anything between a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. My current headset is an entry level Polk headset that was specifically made for Xbox One.

HyperX Cloud Core design

The Cloud Core headset is constructed from plastic and an aluminium frame. This adds to a look and feel that suggests a price point way above its actual price tag.

It looks like a gaming headset – not sure if that is a positive or negative for you guys but for me it’s a negative. I don’t get why gaming headsets need colour, massive logos and a lot of plastic, not to mention being oversized.

cloud-core-bandThe HyperX Cloud Core features a leatherette headband, memory foam leatherette ear pads, closed ear cups, and a detachable microphone.

Connection is by way of a single 3-ringed 3.5mm jack or through the provided 2m long extension which offers dual 3.5mm jacks for sound and microphone.

HyperX Cloud Core performance

Tested on Call of Duty Black Ops 3, Forza Horizon 3 and Battlefield 1.


I found the headset comfortable initially. The memory foam packed leather ear pads felt good. But, I  struggled with comfort after playing for more than 20minutes.

cloud-core-cupsThis could just be me as I’ve always struggled with ear “over-heating”.

Sound quality

I was unable to test mic quality due to lack of voice feedback on Xbox One.

Now, the specs don’t mean a damn thing to me as I’m not really an audiophile but the sound quality was awesome!

53mm neodymium drivers provide a 2.0 sound experience. Frequency response of 15Hz – 25 KHz, an impedance of 60 Ohms and a maximum output power of 150mW. The mic has a frequency response of 100 Hz – 12 KHz, a sensitivity @ 1kHz of -39dB +/- 3dB and is set to pick up sound in a cardioid pattern with an impedance of < 2.2 KOhms.

I only really have another headset in the same price bracket to compare to but the audio on the Cloud Core was far superior.

cloud-core-bundleThe full range was clear, bass was deep but not too heavy and the headset made “sound whoreing” so much easier. I never really been able to get an advantage in games by listening to footsteps etc but this headset opened this up to me.

Other features

The Cloud Core can be used on the go thanks to the detachable mic. Although, I can’t see myself using them on the tube as they look like a gaming headset!

The headset can be used with most devices, whether that be phones, tablets, consoles or PC.

This is well-built and durable. The Cloud Core can be dropped, twisted and bumped and still survive.

HyperX Cloud Core review conclusion

I don’t think you can do better for the price point. These are a great entry level headset, the look and feel are good but the audio is worthy of a higher end price tag. Just a shame I didn’t have any friends to test the microphone!

I don’t buy headsets often but I’d buy the HyperX Cloud Core.