Hydrofill MiniPak Will Recharge Your Gadgets With Water – Free Green Electricity

We’ve all surely wished we could recharge our gadgets at the turn of a tap.

Free, water based batteries would be a genius move.

Well, Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies from Singapore has just the thing – the Hydrofill MiniPak.

The Hydrofill MiniPak gadget charger was flashed around at CES and, as its name suggests, is designed to charge a range of gadgety gizmos via a USB hydrogen fuel cell.

This clever charger extracts the hydrogen from water and stores it in special cartridges, which are then placed inside the Hydrofill MiniPak. The Hydrofill charger also gets the green thumbs up as the only waste product is water vapour.

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies are expected to start selling the Hydrofill MiniPak before the end of 2010.

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