Hunt and Peck Keyboard Turns QWERTY into ABCDEF

huntandpeckMost of us; dare I say, all of us, have used a QWERTY keyboard with our puters or phones.

But if you had been shipped in from a galaxy far, far, away and never had seen the 150 year old lay-out but were still familiar with our earth alphabet you may be thankful for this.

The Hunt and Peck keyboard features a one-button switch between alphabetical and QWERTY, and ‘helpfully’ lists both letters on each key so you can get even more confused than you would be by just hunting for the ‘m’ key.

The Hunt and Peck board also sends those well worn acronyms to the function keys – so even though you’ve never seen a keyboard before, you can type LOL and ROFL with ease. That’s useful huh?

It costs $30 to prepare for an alien invasion or just to confuse your parents…………

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