Hug Me Pillow – When You Miss Your Other Half


No real surprise that the price has been cut for this as, to me, it looks freaky as hell.

To be honest I’d find it difficult enough sharing a room with this; let alone a bed.

But for those of you that have been waiting for such a deal the creepy one-armed “Hug Me Pillow” has dropped from $44.95 down to a more manageable $29.99 you, errrrrrr, lucky folk!


Let’s face it – if I had half a stuffed female torso in my bed people would start to worry…

…not that I have….


The specs as per Crunch Gear:

  • It’s a pillow made to look like one half of a man’s torso – creepy!
  • The shirt material looks like a prison uniform – creepy!
  • The hand looks double-jointed and weird – creepy!
  • The lady in the below photo looks like she’s trying to escape – creepy!
  • Shirt is microfiber, pillow is woven from 100% polyester – nice!
  • Pillow is dry clean only – awkward!

Hug Me Pillow via via dealnews via CrunchGear