Huey the Chameleon Lamp will Copy his Surroundings

You want a new lamp but want to set the mood. Do you dim the lights or change the colour to fit the ambience? Perhaps you want to coordinate with what you’re wearing. It’s a shame we haven’t got the chameleon’s ability to match the surroundings. Well, Huey is a chameleon and he’s a lamp!

Before you start to petition against cruelty to chameleons I love the little colour-changing critters and Huey…. is a piece of furniture, some cute and clever furniture, but furniture all the same.

You cannot ignore a chameleon’s colour shifting ability and the same goes for Huey the Colour Copying Chameleon – and he’d look awesome on your desk!

Huey is illuminated by a bank of multi-coloured LEDS and powered by three AAAs or you can plug him into a socket. Thanks to an optical sensor this lizard lamp is able to ‘read’ the colour of the surface it’s on and adjust accordingly.

What else would go with your USB chameleon?

Huey the Colour Copying Chameleon Lamp is now on sale at ThinkGeek for $29.99 – I so want one!

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