Huawei Nexus 7 tablet specs look rather good

nexus-7-tablet-rumoursLatest news in around Huawei’s building of a refreshed Nexus 7 suggests that it’ll be arriving with top tech.

If this insider leak is true, this little tablet could be quite the powerhouse.

This new information comes by way of a German language Huawei fan blog.

Let’s kick the tyres and see what’s under the hood.

Nexus 7 performance

The German blog reckons that the Nexus 7 tablet will pack a 2560 x 1440 resolution display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset and 4GB of RAM. Which is all pretty impressive, I think you’ll agree.

The site also claims that there will be at least one version touting 64GB of internal storage.

The only thing that doesn’t really sit right with me is that Qualcomm chip. This is mostly due to the fact that Huawei’s current mobile range tend to use its own line of processors.

Even Huawei’s new Mediapad M3 follows the M2 in that it is powered by their in-house Kirin chip. The M3 features the Kirin 950 system.

Could it be that Google has insited that they build the Nexus around a Qualcomm processor to entice those a little shy of other systems?

Nexus 7 design

If they are going to up the innards it stands to reason that Google might want to up the outer too. I am hoping that they ditch the plastic body of the previous version.

nexus-7-rumoursIt would be awesome to see it follow the design of the Pixel and Pixel XL. Anodized aluminium on the Pixel C looks good. Perhaps a two-tone metal body?

I am really hoping that Huawei do get metal with this one though, whichever design they follow. Let’s face it, both the Huawei P9 and Pixel C are encased in metal.

Nexus 7 camera

Nightmares brought on by previous Nexus slates and their poor imaging abilities should be put to rest thanks to a new 13MP camera. That’s what that Huawei fan blog thinks.

Looking at the Huawei P9 again, and what’s been rumoured for the Pixels, I reckon 12MP may be more likely. An 8MP front facer may join it.

Nexus 7 price

With a bump up in storage it may have a slightly higher asking price than its previous version. Also, if it follows the iPhone 7’s Brexit increase then expect to pay a little more on that count too.

I would hope that, at most, we’ll be looking at £300.

What do you reckon?