Huawei Mate 10 teased officially – camera flaunted

huawei mate 10 teaser videoFollowing an image released last week, Huawei has upped the game and outed the first video teaser for its upcoming flagship Mate 10 phablet.

The Huawei Mate 10 is shaping up to be quite a great device. The company even goes so far as to say it’s “the device worth waiting for” in the teasers.

While it stops short of naming it, the video does tell us it’s part of the Mate series. What else could it be?

The new Mate will have a dual rear camera setup just like its predecessor, and it will bear the Leica name. I guess that’s not really that surprising given Huawei’s long-running partnership with the brand.

[youtube id=”h7pjda8ZaZI”]

A peek at the few seconds during which the camera area is shown reveals the fact that the Mate 10’s setup will consist of a 12 MP colour sensor and a 20 MP monochrome one.

This is now standard fare since the Mate 9 and the P10 phones. While the resolution of both sensors remains unchanged, other enhancements are likely.

The teaser shows images captured by the Mate 10’s rear camera highlighting colour contrasts, Bokeh effects, among other things.

The phablet will employ an “EntireView” display, possibly a 6-inch panel with 18:9 aspect ratio packing 2,160×1,080 resolution.

The Mate 10 will be powered by the upcoming Kirin 970 chipset.

All shall be officially revealed at an event in Munich on October 16th