Huawei i-Mo is a Key Fob 3G Modem and Wi-Fi Router

huawei_i_moThis little thing is all ready to debut at Mobile World Conference.

The Huawei i-Mo is a 3G HSPA modem and a wi-fi router that gives your laptop mobile broadband access without having to connect the dongle or having unsightly wires.

Neat huh?

Those in the know types over at Slashgear says i-Mo is roughly the size of a small key fob and that is has a microSD slot for data storage.

If you would rather have a direct connection between your device and the internet, you can also connect via mini USB cable (7.2mbps down/5.6mbps up).

The 802.11b/g wi-fi can also be used to give internet access to other gadgets at the same time.

It is such a clever little thing.

Price and release date are still unannounced – I’m just hoping that mobile phone providers start offering this as standard 🙂