Hu2 Design Shows Where Your Power Comes From – Hamsters, Kites and Paper Windmills. Fact!

Hamster WheelHu2 have a fantastic range of vinyl stickers – if I had my way I’d slap them around my apartment but I’m sure that my girlfriend would have something to say about it.


The ones I’ve selected to bring to your gadgety attention are the ones that may remind you that whenever you switch on one of your tech toys for a hit of geekahol it’s getting its power from somewhere.

Granted, chances are it’s not being powered by a hamster, little windmills or a kite with a key – but you know what I’m getting at.

These fabulous stickers are priced at £25 each and you can even chose your colour so that it matches your decor.

Have a look at their full range at Hu2 Design 🙂

I so neeeeeeeeed the Jukebox oneChristmas is almost here 😉

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