HTC will replace your One M9 for free – no matter what

HTC One M9 topHave you owned previous HTC One smartphones? Are you planning on getting the M9? How about getting a free replacement should you damage your HTC flagship?

HTC is now offering an amazing HTC One M9 replacement deal which promises to cover you no matter how you have managed to destroy your phone.

The new HTC Uh Oh Protection plan will replace your injured or dead One for free within the first year of ownership.

Did your HTC One M9 slip out of your hand, did it go through a full wash and tumble dry, or was it on the recieving end of a hammer drill? It doesn’t matter. HTC will replace it, no questions asked.

uhohThe HTC UH OH Protection plan is an extension of HTC’s Advantage program and should give even the most clutsy amongst us peace of mind.

What if you will be looking after your HTC One M9? What’s in it for you? Well, you can also use your one replacement to get $100 off the next HTC One you buy.

Whether you see this as a sly way to keep you locked in to HTC or not (it probably is) you cannot ignore the fact that it is a sweet deal and, as someone that loves his M7 and will be getting the M9, I feel a little left out as HTC Advantage not yet available to UK HTC fans.