HTC Touch Pro 2 – 2009 Boardroom Must Have

htc-touch-pro2-multiHere’s a business phone that looks pretty nice.

It’s the HTC Touch Pro 2.

It has shrugged off its wraps at the Mobile World Congress.

With the Touch Pro2 you get a nicely proportioned 3.6 inch screen, a touch-sensitive zoom bar, the expected accellerometers and an added bonus.

Flip the phone over during a call, and it’ll automatically turn into a “high quality speakerphone”.

HTC reckons the Touch Pro2 will “turn any location into a conference room.”

I hope you have to prove that you’re a businessman/woman as if any of the yooffs that I share the bus with gets one of these I shall be testing its durability!

According to HTC, the Touch Pro2 is “optimised for touch as well as heavy email use” – check out that keyboard waiting to be pounded!

Under the bonnet there’s GPS, Windows Mobile 6.1 and HTC’s TouchFLO 3D interface but no Wi-Fi.


It has, however, got HSDPA so downloading will still be swift.

Be prepared for this to become a Boardroom must have in the Summer.