HTC Touch Diamond Update

Because I didn’t get an invite to HTC’s show n tell I have to use the info from Engadget – also visit their page for pics from the presentation.

Below you shall find the latest spec fresh from the presentation at the Soho Hotel here in London town.  It seems that TouchFLO 3D is being pushed quite heavily by Peter Chou. 

It’s all about one-touch browsing and single-finger dialing – I’m guessing so you can keep hold of your take-away coffee.

  • Windows Mobile 6.1
  • VGA Screen
  • Quad-band HSDPA 7.2
  • One-touch navigation, including single-finger dialing
  • An accelerometer that rotates pictures as you rotate the phone
  • One-touch music playback with an animated music browser
  • A heavily-animated weather forecast app
  • Full-featured desktop-like web browser (Opera) with zoom-in tech that actually reformats to fit the screen upon zoom, although Microsoft promises IE 6 coming soon for it
  • Youtube app and content playback
  • Available in June in Europe via Orange and the “rest of the world” sometime later
  • Orange music store, games, wallpapers, and ringtone downloads
  • Orange mobile TV with up to 61 channels
  • No normal headphone jack – gotta use HTC’s proprietary USB dongle
  • “Better battery life” than their other devices (although it uses a smaller battery than the Touch – we’ll keep our eye on this) — will offer a bigger battery at a later time for those who are experiencing battery life issues
  • No pricing info just yet

Sounds pretty impressive dunnit?  I wonder if the iPhone is getting pretty nervous now?

Update V.2.0 – FULL spec here