HTC Sense Backup Service Shut Down – Grab Your Data While You Can! closingHTC is taking the strange move and shutting down its backup services. The warning is to grab your stored contacts, messages, call history and geotagged photos (or Footprints as HTC calls them) before 30 April.

The notice on its website basically tells anyone who has used to “Download your data” as it will soon be “undergoing a renovation”.

If you use the service you have got a month to rescue your backed-up data before HTC obliterates any trace of it.

You can download a .zip file of your info by logging into and clicking the download button in the ‘Account Overview’ section.

We all understand that making things better sometimes comes hand-in-hand with minor shut downs, etc. The thing is that HTC doesn’t appear to be overly bothered that it’s inconveniencing its customers.

If you were expecting some help in selecting an alternative service to backup your cherished data then HTC has this nugget of assistance: “please visit Google Play (formerly Android Market) and download an application that best meets your needs”.

Gawsh – thanks HTC. I would’ve been lost without that gem!

What actually confuses me is why there were not able to back up the data that they have of their customers whilst this refit is happening? Surely they’re not that short of storage space?, which landed alongside the Desire HD, was one of HTC’s biggest assets. Customers loved having data stored with the company – it also keeps HTC owners being HTC owners as when they upgrade their mobiles they’ll be more inclined to pick another HTC handset and use that handy backup to fill their new blower.

HTC owners are instead left to watch their non-HTC buddies using their manufacturers’ backup services, such as Apple’s iCloud.

There’s no indication as to what this renovation will bring or to when it will happen.

Will this have tarnished HTC’s good name? Will customers want to return to once the renovations are complete?

Are you a HTC owner? What are your views?

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