HTC Releasing Another 20 Google Phones – Leak

htc-hd2It seems that HTC are refusing to rest on their laurels even though the HTC HD2 (pictured) seems to be pretty impressive.

Word has slipped out that the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer could be planning to launch 20 more Android-powered handsets.

The names of the new devices appear to have been written inside a thread from the recently spotted Android 2.1 ROM.

Some have surfaced before but there’s a load of new ones. Check out the list:

Hero and the Dream (G1) we know about but then there’s Bahamas, Bravo, DesireC, Dragon, Dream, Espresso, Halo, HeroCT, HeroC, Hero, Huangshan, Incredible, Legend, Liberty, Memphis, Paradise, PassionC, Passion, Sapphire and Supersonic.

Chances are there’s a few in the list that wont be making it to Europe or the States carrying that particular name – yes, I’m taking bout you HTC Huangshan!

I’m also uncertain what the ‘C’ and ‘CT’s could be about – any ideas folks?

Any way you cut this it does look that HTC is serious about its presence with the Google Mobile OS.

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