HTC One Mini gets pictured – doesn’t look that small

htc mini one photoAnother step towards the HTC One Mini being real is this sneaky snap of what looks to be a shrunken HTC One.

Hot on the heels of the purported specs of the HTC One’s smaller sibling are some photos of just such a device.

Estonian site claims to be in possession of a device which certainly fits the description. Well, except one important area. It isn’t that mini at all.

What is being touted as being the One Mini is sat there proudly sporting a 4.3-inch 720p screen. Ok, it’s is smaller than the HTC One which has a 5-inch display but is the loss of 0.9-inches enough to be classed as being ‘mini’?

Anyhoooo… The HTC One (not quite) Mini here is also equipped with a dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage and a 4-megapixel camera with UltraPixel technology.

If this is the One Mini then the spec sheet certainly reads pretty respectable for a smaller version of the main mobile.

Perhaps it would be better to call it the HTC One Slightly Smaller and Less Expensive.

Other points mentioned is that an August release and a £350 price tag are on the cards. But, you know the score. Believe it when it’s official 😉

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