HTC One M9 leaks – the C is for cunning…

HTC one M9This is a lesson in why not to get carried away with ‘leaks’ and ‘spy shots as it appears that HTC has been at least one step ahead of us all with the One M9 smartphone leaks.

According to the renowned Twitter tipster Evan Blass a.k.a @evleaks:

“The company put the guts of the phone into a dummy case, and sent these decoys to its partners who needed access to it pre-launch.”

Evan’s reasoning behind this claim? He says that on New Year’s Eve, HTC’s Senior Online Global Communications Manager Jeff Gordon said on Twitter,

“If you’re an HTC fan, 2015 is going to blow you away.” He went to say he was “…looking forward to great competition and a grade A trolling in 2015”, which was likely directed at Samsung.

Evan says that these statements would basically fall flat if the company simply copied the design from their previous phone and just changed the camera from UltraPixel to megapixel. Fair point, but don’t all companies brag about their latest creation before unveiling it?

While he refutes claims the One M9 will look similar to the M8, he does agree with the rather tasty specs (which include a Snapdragon 810 processor and 20.7MP camera), that have been outed. So at least the interweblogosphere has got some bits right 😉

But of course, there’s always the possibility Blass is wrong and that the One (M9) will follow a similar design language. We just don’t know for sure now.

Perhaps all of this is a double-bluff in order to create more hype? Who knows?

So, I’ll continue to count down to March 1st, when HTC will hold aloft its new smartphone at MWC and we can all speak with one voice when we say “AHHhhhh….”