HTC One getting update to fix purple haze

HTC One reviewI’ve made no bones about how I feel about the HTC One. I think that it’s a great phone, so much so that it was the HTC One that convinced me to retire my iPhone 4. The latest software update should put to bed some camera niggles that people were experiencing too.

HTC did a great job in putting the One together and keeping it tricked out thanks to regular updates (for improving the camera, for bumping Android’s version numbers to 4.2.2), and now a 4.3 update is on its way.

One main reason for the upcoming 4.3 update is that the HTC One’s Ultrapixel camera has been designed to deliver great low-light performance, but, it is often not the case, especially on some devices that are displaying a purple haze under certain conditions.

HTC is aware of this and is committed to fixing the issue via a software refresh.

Whether this will be a separate update or part of the Android 4.3 release around the corner is not yet known.

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