HTC Nexus tablet pictured with smart cover and keyboard

htc nexus keyboardIt seems that the rumour of HTC being drafted in to make the next Nexus tablet is gaining more cred with new images showing an official keyboard case for the supposed 8-inch or 9-inch Android slate showpiece.

According to these new leaks the HTC Nexus tablet will come with an optional smart cover accessory.

This will not only protect the touchscreen machine but, when its owner needs more than to be able to poke (is that still a thing?), like or retweet, it  folds down into a slimline keyboard. Handy for sharing your feelings and epiphanies in 140 characters or less.

As well as the keyboard attachment, Android Police also has images of a standard case for the tablet, one of which can be seen below.

htc nexus coverThese pics suggests that the HTC Nexus will sport a 4:3 aspect ratio display.

Under the hood it has been whispered that the HTC Nexus will be packing the beefy 64-bit Tegra chipset which will be buddied by an equally potent 4GB of RAM. That’s poke aplenty for any tablet in my books.

Sounds pretty good to me. Let me know your thoughts below or on the GN Facebook page.